The best NFTs are the ones that are backed by real-life assets.

This is the first-ever community-backed HARD SELTZER NFT project. Members of the TipsyTiger Club will share profits from the hard seltzer sales and be a part of running the hard seltzer line.

Our NFTs will be engraved on every single seltzer can and shipped all over the continents for our party cubs and for the world to enjoy.

Being a TipsyTiger Club member, you will be invited to exclusive launch parties around the world with other club members. Join us for private raves, city view rooftop parties, and meet-ups in NYC, London, Singapore, and more.




SERUMS will be airdropped for free to the TIPSYTIGER CLUB members that hold the TipsyTiger NFT for more than 7 days after the public sale.

Each airdropped serum can be used to combine two TipsyTiger NFT to breed a BRAND NEW and RARER TipsyTiger.

And if you mint and own the first 2000 TipsyTigers NFT, you get a chance the win a special 1/1 ultra-rare NFT & a free TESLA home.




0% - Welcome to TipsyTiger Club

Join our discord and become a TipsyTiger VIP member. VIP members mint at a discounted price, gain early access to sales, and many more. When we achieve 10,000 members in our Discord server, we will do AMAs with community members and drop more details about our TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer. We will also have up to $10,000 worth of giveaways for our discord members.

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25% - TESLA MODEL 3 Giveaway

At TipsyTiger, giving back to the backers of our project is part of our core values. We’ll host a Tesla Model 3 giveaway once we reach 25% sale of our TipsyTiger NFTs. The first 2000 TipsyTigers holders will be guaranteed an opportunity to walk away with a new whip.

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50% - Around the World

Now the TipsyTiger is going worldwide. Our Tigers belong to the billboards of the world. To celebrate this milestone, we will be launching the biggest marketing campaign around the world. Imagine your very own NFT being shown in the middle of Times Square, Shibuya, Piccadilly Circus. Let’s get helicopters and jets to fly our TipsyTiger banners across major cities. With the world watching, we aim to increase awareness and interest in the project and drive up demand for our TipsyTiger NFTs! To the moon!

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75% - New York, New York

Upping the ante, we will invite the holders of the TipsyTiger to an exclusive meetup in New York City. Your TipsyTiger NFTs will be the entry ticket into this networking event. Get to know accomplished entrepreneurs, crypto investors, influencers from our meetups and expand your network. Party to world-renowned DJs and be the first to taste the flavors of our TipsyTiger Hard Seltzers. Drinks on us, it’s time to send it.


100% - Official launch of TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer

Once we are fully minted, The TipsyTiger Club will acquire our very own crowdsourced, NFT-backed, brewery. Within 9 months, the TipsyTigers Hard Seltzer cans will be available WORLDWIDE. For the first 6 months, TipsyTigers will travel the world to host official launch parties in different key cities like London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, etc. Enjoy the amazing hard seltzer while we market your NFT for the world to see.



TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer

Dreamt of owning your very own business? Co-share a hard seltzer line with the TipsyTigers. Join us in building the world’s first premium NFT hard seltzer. Gain access to private launch parties, vote on limited-edition flavors, earn dividends from sales.

TipsyTiger Club VIP Pass

Get in on the guestlist to our parties across the globe in major cities like Los Angeles, Singapore, London, Miami, Hong Kong. Access stealth events and be the first to taste limited-edition flavors. Celebrate and party with us in style. Time to rave with like-minded successful individuals.


The TipsyTiger Club will pioneer the first-ever box-office music festivals and nightclubs in the metaverse. Be the first to witness the shaping of the metaverse world for party degens and be a VIP in our future metaverse events.









Art Director


Where did the hard seltzer idea come from?

We are serious alcoholics that are passionate about generating income while enjoying what we do. When we tasted our first seltzer together as a team some time back, we had a dream of launching and owning our very own seltzer line. Bonus: it is also gluten-free!

Why create a hard seltzer?

We want to create our unique hard seltzer for the community. It also adds real-life utility to our TipsyTigers NFT. Why wear a merch when you can drink it? The Tipsy Tiger seltzer line is also one of the ways we market TipsyTigers NFT while giving back to TipsyTiger Club members with the profit-sharing model, creating an extra stream of income for our degen cubs through physical sales.

How does it help with marketing?

TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer will be an extension of the TipsyTiger Club. From collaborations to sponsorships, the drink unlocks endless possibilities to market the TipsyTiger Club. We have intentionally added the TipsyTiger NFT to the logo. This radiates the presence of our brand around the world. Imagine TipsyTiger NFT in every party and club and people chugging shotguns with your PFP on every can. What a sight that will be.

How are we going to launch Tipsy Tiger Hard Seltzer?

The team behind TipsyTiger Club are successful owners of prominent restaurants, bars, and cocktail delivery services. Packaging and product research and development are already underway. The next step will be the acquisition of our very own physical brewery. Once all TipsyTigers are fully minted, we will proceed with official productions. From launch parties to collaborations with DJs, sporting events, TipsyTiger Club will focus on marketing after mint to make the brand go viral worldwide.

What is the relationship between club members and the hard seltzer?

TipsyTiger Club will function as a DAO. As a TipsyTiger Club member, you will get to be part of the creative process behind launching an alcohol line. Through a voting system, you will get to decide what flavors to launch, what brands to collaborate with, which cities to host our launch parties, and many more. Join our discord for the full list of perks. Your brand, your voice.

How do TIpsyTiger NFT Holders benefit from the TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer?

Marketing and profits. 20% of all TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer will be shared amongst all NFT holders. Most importantly, this provides TipsyTiger NFT with real-life utility and endless marketing opportunities.

How much will a TipsyTiger cost?

Each TipsyTiger will cost 0.05 ETH. Early VIP members (500 slots) can mint at 0.04 ETH. They can avoid gas wars with a designated 12-hoursminting period and most importantly, be guaranteed a raffle for TESLA Model 3 giveaways. Join our discord for more info!

Why should I mint a TipsyTiger?

Flip, sell, trade. The TipsyTiger collection is a top-tier NFT with its impeccable intrinsic value. Do what your heart desires:

  • Flip TipsyTiger NFT for a quick profit but lose access to the community

  • Earn with us from our Hard Seltzer line

  • Hold the TipsyTiger and join us in investing and multiplying our million-dollar DAO community wallet!

When is the release date?

The pre-sale date will be 20 Dec. Public sale will be on 22 Dec.

How do I know all these are real?

You should know drunkards are the most honest when they are drunk, well, I am drunk while typing this. And yes, co-owning a brewery with a group of degens will be the biggest flip-off you can flex in 2022.

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